Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dates confirmed!

Looks like we'll be traveling Labor Day weekend!  September 5-11 we'll be at Give Kids The World resort.  Gina's conversation included the info that they are glad we switched from Thanksgiving weekend because they were having trouble figuring out where to put us.  Makes me even more glad that we re-thought that whole "travel on Thanksgiving weekend" thing!

Online information suggests that September is among the best times to be at Disney if you don't like crowds.  The flip side is that it will be hot.  Oh well.  Can't be worse than August in Cincinnati!

MAW is checking with GKTW to see what they can do to provide a heat source for Kayla's bed so that we don't have to pack her mattress heater.  Nice if they can do it, but not a big deal if we need to throw in another suitcase to check it through.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have started this blog primarily to document Kayla's upcoming Make-A-Wish trip to Walt Disney World.  I've made it a less specific at this point because I MAY continue it beyond that.  Should that happen, I will copy all the MAW stuff to a separate blog and make the whole thing specific to that trip.