Friday, April 30, 2010

Latest news

My waffeling over the Walk for Wishes is resolved.  Gina's firm adopted the cause and is putting together a team complete with t-shirts.  Guess we'll have to go now.  As long as it isn't cold and wet.  It's always nice to get out in the AM and still have a full day ahead of you.

Kayla had her drool reduction procedure done yesterday.  We were really worried about her handling the anesthesia, but she came through great and we got to come home after only one night on the Critical Airway Unit.  She now has two more scars on her neck, but without the excess saliva we can put her on CPAP without worrying about pneumonia.  Hopefully, Emily will quickly get used to the noise of the machine and will be able to sleep better also without her big sister snoring all night!

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