Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July's been a tad busier.

So we've had a little action on the MAW front.  We now know that we need an FAA Certified car seat for Kayla and we've worked out a temporary exchange with Melanie for one of Marina's.  We have provided the dimensions of Kayla's chair, presumably for van rental purposes.  And we've done the paperwork for the van rental.

I've checked the flights out of CVG to see what we may be doing and found two non-stops to Orlando International.  One leaves at about 9:30am and the other about 2 hours later.  I'm hoping for a non-stop, as I don't relish trying to get everyone to a connection, but I won't complain if it doesn't work out that way.  After all, beggars can't be choosers, right?

Long-term parking at the airport for the van seems to be the best option for getting there and back.  For $18/day we can use the valet where we park the van at the departure gate and unload, then the valet parks it for the week.  When we get back they bring the van to us at the arrivals entrance.  I like that plan!!  This is premium service, and there are cheaper options.  Park a bit farther away and ride an accessible shuttle to the departure area for only $7/day, but I have to decide if the cost for convenience is worth it.  $49 and herding everyone and their luggage or $126 and the ability to get everyone to the baggage check fast and easy.  The extra $75 may just be worth it!

I'm still dreading the actual traveling, as I've never had to do it with so many people and so much crap in tow.  This will definitely be an exercise in efficient packing.  I'm going to try and have each kid with just a small book bag containing a few activities/toys.  I'll probably carry on the laptop, but I will take the chance and check everything else.  I guess if I have to buy new underwear in Florida I can consider it something I would have to do eventually anyway, right?  And I can always use some new clothes.  Lost luggage would turn out to be Gina's favorite part!

Anyway, looking forward to getting more info from Kate.  I've done a little bit of checking around to get an idea of what rides are best for Kayla since most roller coasters are just a bad idea.  There's so much info out there that the first problem is just sifting through it to see what might provide what I need.  It's also important to keep the other kids in mind as well.  The trip is focused on Kayla, but that doesn't have to be to the exclusion of Jason and Emily.  Fortunately, neither of them are likely to want to ride things that are clearly inappropriate for her.  Just watching some ride videos on YouTube was enough for Jason to declare "I'm NOT riding that one!"  This may work out simply because all three kids are on about the same level in that respect.  As for me and Gina, we discovered on our last trip to KI that we are just too old to enjoy the bigger badder coasters anymore.  Damn....

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