Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 Days to go!

Just about there, and the kids are as excited as ever.  Tomorrow night we'll meet with our MAW volunteer and get all the paperwork.  We keep saying we're going to start setting aside clothes to pack, but somehow it just doesn't get done.  I can see already we'll be up at 4:00 still trying to cram stuff into a suitcase!

My itinerary planning has gone as far as mapping out the times of all the activities put on at GKTW or the parks.  This should make the morning "What are we going to do today Ferb?" a little bit easier.  I can't wait to gather the  family around the ice cream breakfast table, go over our options and then charge out of the place with a top-of-the-lungs cry of "C'mon Steve!  We've got diem to carpe!"  Gee, we're so original....

Tonight I will toss Kayla's formula, spare G-tube, diapers and catheter supplies into my old Army duffel and the most vital part of the packing will be done.  I checked the TSA info on medical liquids and now have no concerns about getting her meds or pre-mixed formula on the plane.  These items constitute the only things we cannot quickly and easily re-acquire locally.  We may end up with an extra piece of luggage, but that's okay.

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