Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting close!

We got the Disney vacation planning DVD in the mail today and watched it twice before dinner!  The kids are excited of course, but Jason freaked out over the 5-10 seconds of video of the Haunted Mansion.  Man up, kid - you're riding it.

Only one more weekend to shop for those little things we want to take along like an autograph book, Jason wants a diary (COOL!), Gina wants a backpack - that I'm sure I'll end up carrying.  We want to get a couple of new suitcases or duffel bags.  For some reason, Gina isn't happy with using my old Army duffel, something about terrorist wrinkle bombs and looking halfway decent while we're there.  Don't know how that's any more likely with a duffel than a suitcase, but there you go.

It's time to get a packing list together and look more closely at the calendars for park hours, parades, show times, GKTW events and such so that we can get an idea of what days we want to spend at which park.  Still wondering how we'll find time to get to Daytona Beach too.  Of course, I lived there for 3 years and never found time to get to Key West, so I am beginning to think we won't make it to DB at all.

I'm now familiar enough with what is there and where it is that I'm not so overwhelmed as I was.  Now to try and get everyone else to sit still for 20 minutes so I can go over it all and see what they want to do.  One thing is for sure - Gina will NOT be riding the Tower of Terror!


  1. Tip #1: Take half as many clothes as you think you'll need (laundromats abound!) and twice as much money!

    Tip#2: Explain holographs to Jason, and challenge him to see where the projectors might be located. Remind him that even Nana enjoyed the Haunted Mansion; it wasn't as scary as Space Mountain, and she used to scare easily!

    Tip #3: Take time to actually ENJOY this trip!

  2. Oh yeah! Don't forget the camera!!!! Nana needs pictures for all the scrapbooks!