Friday, August 13, 2010

More MAIL!!!!

It must be getting close!  We got our map/brochure from GKTW today!  Sifting through the mail: bill, bill, bill, EOB, EOB - Kayla got a big envelope, where's that refund check from Duke?  Wait.  Kayla got a big envelope?  OOHHH!!!!!!

It's a nice color brochure with Kayla's name on it and a nice :) smiley.  Gives the very basic info about our stay and the facilities, most of which we know from and  Orientation will be much looked forward to though!  I can't get enough of the details!

Barely 3 weeks to go and now I'm starting to feel a bit of the pressure to get things done.  I want new glasses before we go so I can have sunglasses, we may need to pick up a couple of more pieces of luggage, Gina wants to put together "goody bags" for the kids to enjoy on the flights there and back.  And laundrylaundrylaundry always needs to be done!  With only a couple of weekends and very limited evenings available, shopping will be minimal I think.

Emily is now done with daycare and is almost looking forward to kindergarten.  On the way home today she again confirmed that Wednesday is her first day of school.  But, she asked if she could go back to TLC after she sees her new school.  "I'll start kindergarten the next day."  Fat chance, kid.

Kayla starts school on the 26th and at that point the summer is officially over.  So she'll have 2 days of school and 7 days of vacation!  Nice start to the year!

Per the brochure, we'll have 3 day tickets to all 4 DisneyWorld parks; 2 day tickets to Universal Studios; 1 day ticket to Seaworld.  We also want to get to Daytona Beach one day.  How do we squeeze all this into 5 days?  Something isn't going to get done.

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